Clean tiles, whether in the floor or walls, make the rooms in your home that much more inviting and fresh. You will have tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces where you need a surface that can be kept clean easily.

What are the tile cleaning mistakes you should avoid?

Keeping tile surfaces trim and neat requires you to spend some time cleaning them regularly. You do need to vacuum them regularly, sweep the dirt away and mop the tiles so that your tiles continue to gleam and shine, as they did when they were first installed. However, if proper care is not taken, while doing so, it can damage the tiles. Tile cleaning mistakes can have a deleterious effect on tiles and require you to spend more money when you may have to replace them.

A common mistake that must be avoided at all costs is to be lethargic about cleaning up after something has been spilled on them.

Tiles are resistant to stains to some extent, but if these are left on them for a long time, these can soak into the grout and remain a blot forever.

Using a hard scrub is a tile cleaning mistake

Using a hard scrub is a tile cleaning mistake

The use of chemicals to clean tiles or remove stains, along with the use of hard scrubbing materials like steel wool is another mistake that people make in their effort to clean tiles.

Another mistake that people make is not using the right tool for vacuuming tiles.

A vacuuming machine has a number of tools that are used while cleaning surfaces. They are different depending on the surface. The manufacturers have designated the tools based on their research and if they are correctly used, tile surfaces will be that much easier to clean. Most people do mop up tile floors and walls after ridding them of dust and dirt. This mopping up must be done with care, and the surfaces must not be allowed to remain wet and damp for long periods of time. A wet floor is something akin to a floor that has been spilled on and must be treated with the same care as you would for spills.

Vacuuming machine

Vacuuming machine

Tiles must always be properly sealed so that their surfaces remain protected. This is another mistake that many people frequently commit, by not having this operation repeated every few years.

The sealing compounds used must be as per the tile manufacturer’s specifications if you want the best results. Besides this also do not make the mistake of using an oil-based cleaner on tiles. Check out this article for further tips on mistakes made when cleaning tiles. Protect tile surfaces with carpets or other protection from furniture. Avoid tile cleaning mistakes to help give them a longer life.

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