Perth homeowners love to entertain in their outdoor area. We enjoy such great weather that it makes sense to make the most of the outdoors. If you have an outdoor tiled area, it can make for a great place to relax and entertain. Being outdoors, your outdoor tiles can get dirty. Perth can get very dry and dusty in the hot summer months which can result in a lot of dirt accumulating around your outdoor area.

Outdoor tiles are constantly exposed to the elements and are thus more susceptible to dirt and damage. By taking care of outdoor tiles, the exterior portion of the house will remain attractive and functional for many years. Learn the best outdoor tile cleaning tips to keep them looking good longer. Here are the basic techniques to use:

1 Prepare the Right Tools and Equipment.
Some of the most common tools needed for the most basic outdoor tile cleaning jobs include:

– Broom
– Scrub Brush
– Cleaning Solution
– Garden Hose or a Bucket to Fill With Water

To dry the tiles faster, consider using an absorbent cloth or dry rags, or use a squeegee.

2 Identify the Material of the Tiles.
The type of cleaning materials and tools to use will depend largely on the type of tiles that were installed. Natural stone tiles, for example, are porous and may be damaged by hard brushes and chemical cleaners. Wood tiles, on the other hand, may not respond well to long exposure to moisture – unless these are treated and sealed. Ceramic tiles can pretty much withstand chemical treatments and will also do well with natural cleaners but may be scratched by hard-bristled scrubs.

3 Prep the Surface.
Using a broom, sweep the area to rid it of dust, dirt, dead leaves, fur and other debris. Blot or wipe off any oils or liquids and remove any sticky substances. Loosen any compacted dirt or mud from the surface and sweep it off.

4 Wash Off With Water.
Using a garden hose, rinse the floor with water. Getting the surface wet helps soften any hardened dirt and prepare the tiles for the application of the cleaning solution.

5 Start the Dirty Work.
An environmentally-friendly cleaning solution is a better alternative to harsh chemicals. These are safer to use and will not harm the skin. These cleaners are also safe for plants and pets. Follow the directions for mixing in a bucket of water. Adjust the amount accordingly based on the size of the area to be cleaned.

Dip the scrub into the solution and apply it onto the tile surface, taking extra care to scrub stains, grooves and the grout between tiles. Some stains may be too stubborn and will require stronger chemical cleaners. If this is the case, wear protective gear such as gloves, face masks and protective glasses.

Follow the instructions carefully to ensure safety and efficacy in cleaning. For convenience, consider using long-handled scrubs or brushes since these are easier to handle and do not require you to kneel on a hard surface.

Some stubborn stains may respond to prolonged soaking in the cleaning solution. Apply the solution onto the affected area and leave it on for a few minutes or up to an hour, depending on the strength of the cleaner. Once done, rub off the stain using a brush.

6 Rinse.
Using a garden hose, flush the entire surface with water, making sure that the cleaning solution is rinsed off completely. Dry the surface using clean rags or a squeegee. Once dried thoroughly, the outdoor tiles may be polished or buffed for extra shine.


When to Call the Professionals

Outdoor tiles are more susceptible to dirt, grime, oils, grease, chemical and organic stains. To clean them properly you should avoid inferior approaches to tile cleaning. If cleaning proves difficult or if you are unsure how safe and effective certain solutions are, call our experts at Andrews Carpets Services. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we can offer the best outdoor tile cleaning solutions using superb equipment that will produce the results your home deserves. We are Perth’s premiere tile and grout cleaning company and your partner for cleaner, more beautiful homes and businesses.