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Our professional carpet cleaning service makes your carpets like new. Not only will your carpets look and feel amazing, they will also smell amazing and reduce dirt and dust in your home.

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ACS cleaned my carpets recently and did a fantastic job.  I can highly recommend their professionalism and customer service.  A top class job.

Gillian Marshall (One of our Customer Reviews on Our Google + Page)

Your Perth Carpet Cleaning Specialists

At Andrews Carpet Services, we offer expert carpet cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers throughout Perth and the surrounding areas. Using our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction system for steam cleaning, we guarantee top-quality carpet cleaning for an affordable price, no matter what type of carpet you have.

While some providers use inferior cleaning systems that draw your power, we generate our own power from our truck mounted engine driven equipment. It means we are not using up your power and you get a far more powerful clean. We invest heavily in superior equipment so you know with Andrews Carpets Services you are getting the very best carpet cleaning service. 

Through the power of eco-friendly steam cleaning, we can dig out even the deepest dirt and grime from your carpets, leaving them cleaned and refreshed. Recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers as the most reliable way to clean carpets, our methods will always give you the very best results.

Whether you’re making home improvements, sprucing up the office, or have had a catastrophe and need your carpets cleaned fast – Andrews Carpet Services can help. 

3 Benefits of our Carpet Cleaning Services

1. Your Carpets will look amazing

Years of dirt can get trapped deep within your carpet. That means your carpets can start to look discoloured, patchy and stained. Our equipment is powerful enough to draw up the dirt trapped deep within your carpet and restore your carpets to their original colour.

2. Remove Odours

Dirty carpets can breed bacteria and mould. This can lead to unpleasant, musty odours in the room. Our steam cleaning process can remove the source of these odours by removing the bacteria and mould that cause it. Many of our happy customers love the fact that their home smells like new after Andrews Carpets Services have cleaned their carpets.

3. Reduce Dust and Allergies

Not only does our equipment remove dirt trapped deep in your carpet, it also significanly reduces the dust trapped in your carpet as well. This dust can become trapped in your carpet through years of exposure and fibres slowly breaking down. This can result in allergies and other health concerns for those in the home.

Over 30 Years Experience

Over 30 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry means we know what works best to renew your carpets.

Best Cleaning Equipment

We use professional grade steam cleaning equipent which drives deep dirt out from your carpets. Our equipment is recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Family Business

As a family business you can rely on us for fast friendly and upfront service. We understand the value of providing an excellent carpet cleaning service and build our reputation accordingly.

No Hidden Charges

We have heard of some providers adding extra costs in on top of the original quote such as deodorising charges. With Andrews Carpet Services we cover all costs in the original quote so you know exactly where you stand.

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